Setting up Users with Relevant Roles

Your TAO instance and the Global Manager

Before the assessment team can begin producing test materials in TAO, it needs to be decided what exactly each person on the team is going to do. Each team member will then need to be registered as a TAO user.

When your TAO instance is set up, it already has one user. This user has the role of System Administrator, and has full access rights to your TAO instance. Although this role is very similar to the Global Manager role (it can do all that a Global Manager can do and a bit more), it's good practice to consider this as a root user, and only use it once, to set up a global manager, who will be in charge of work in TAO. Usually, the person who takes on this role will be the team leader – in this case Gwen Morris.

Gwen, as global manager, will be the person who will register the rest of the team as users in TAO, and assign roles to them.