Setting up Users with Relevant Roles

Who is going to do what?

Gwen sits down with her team, and together they decide who will do what in TAO. This is what they decide:

Most of the team will be involved in preparing the test questions. Ian Archer and Iris Adams are two of them. Two people on the team will assemble tests using the items Ian and Iris and the others have created. Tessa Austin is one of them. (It is quite possible for some people to do both tasks, but in this scenario we'll divide the work load as described.)

Now what Gwen has to do, as Global Manager, is add them all as new users to TAO and assign the corresponding roles. These roles determine what the users can or cannot do in TAO.


Note: There are many different roles in TAO. For each extension, for example, there is a role relating to the use of that extension. There are also many roles related to the execution of TAO using LTIs. This means that the list of roles you're given to choose from when adding a new user can be very long. The best strategy is to remember the ones you need for your particular TAO scenario, and ignore the rest.