Comparing On-site and Remote Proctoring
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Which solution is right for you?

Whether on-site proctoring or remote proctoring suits your assessment scenario best depends on how you intend to deliver your assessments. 

On-site proctoring is designed for proctoring assessments which are run by test centers, or in classrooms. It can be used in a remote scenario, but the proctor will have less awareness of what the test-taker is doing than with a remote proctoring solution. In this case it would probably only be used to authorize test-takers to begin the test, and to add extra time in certain circumstances, relying on an external tool to communicate with test-takers.

As remote proctoring solutions are external to TAO, you will need a license to use them. Remote proctoring is the preferred solution when test-takers are sitting the assessment in a private setting, for example at home, as this solution provides more information on the circumstances of the test, and on the test-taker’s actions.