What is TAO?

Developed by Open Assessment Technologies (OAT), TAO is one of the most advanced test authoring tools on the market thanks to our native implementation of the Question and Test Interoperability (QTI) standard for online assessment development.

TAO enables educators and other test-writers to create E-tests on the fly, and administer them easily and quickly to students on a classroom or nationwide basis. Test results are ready for review as soon as a question has been submitted. TAO is QTI and LTI standards-based and is fully compatible with many commercial add-ons. Developers can access the source code for their own test-writing or administering purposes, opening a wide range of potential customizations.

TAO is certified as QTI compliant, which means that test content is entirely portable, secure, and ready for any curricula that embrace technology-centric education models.

OAT has defined its mission to work for the common good in education, and we value your feedback and suggestions in helping us meet our commitment to this ideal.