On-site Proctoring

What can a proctor do?

When test-takers have been registered and the test has begun, the proctor can carry out the following actions:

  • Authorize: authorize a test-taker or group of test-takers to start the session
  • Pause: Pause a session (e.g. if there is an interruption)
  • Report: Report an irregularity
  • Terminate: Stop a session (e.g. if there is a power cut)
  • History: Check the history of the session


Regularities which can be reported include the following categories:

  • Environment issues (comfort, disturbances)
  • Test-taker issues (behavior, complaints, illness, late or no show)
  • Proctor or test center staff issues (compliance, error, late or no show) 
  • Technical issues (computer failure, test launch or network problems)

More information on how to nominate a proctor, as well as how the proctor carries out the actions listed above, can be found in the On-site Proctoring chapter of the TAO User Guide.


Note: On-site proctoring comes as part of the Premium/Ignite Edition of TAO (or higher). If you are using TAO Core you will need to install the extension taoProctoring. See the Extensions Manager chapter in the User Guide for how to install this.