Using Metadata When Assembling Tests
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Using Metadata When Assembling Tests

When you are assembling a test, you might want to choose items to include in it according to something which has been defined in the metadata, for example, their level of difficulty.

To do this, once you have selected a class (folder) in the item bank on the left which you want to use items from for your test, you can then search for the items you want by property.

Let’s say you are compiling a reading test for students of French and in the class of items containing French reading exercises you asked content developers to enter information via the metadata describing the difficulty of the items they created in that class.

"Difficulty" then comes up as one of the properties you can run a search on. If you enter "low" as a value of difficulty, items will then be filtered and you will get the list of all and only the items (in that class) that are tagged as low difficulty, as defined in your metadata.