Relating Test Questions to Task Types

Type Three: COMPLETE

In a task of this type, test-takers are asked to complete something – a given structure, or a framework of some kind. They are usually presented with a structure – a text, for example - in which some parts are missing, and are required to fill in the missing information. In a few cases, however, test-takers are just asked to confirm the completeness, or validity, of the structure.

Typically, this could be a text with a gap-fill exercise, but it doesn't have to be a text (it could be an incomplete image, or graph). A gap-fill exercise can be constructed using a Text Entry interaction, or an Inline Choice interaction, for example, as in the image below. In this question, candidates are asked to complete a text about the Beatles by choosing what they think is the correct word to fill the gap from the dropdown menu.

Example of the task COMPLETE (Using an Inline Choice interaction) 


Part 4 of this course will provide more information on which interactions can be used for the task type COMPLETE.