Thinking about the Task Type PRODUCE

Task sub-type: EXPLAIN

In the last section, the two most typical interactions used for the task sub-type EXPLAIN were named as Extended Text and Text Entry.

The Extended Text interaction is a text-based interaction for 'open response' test questions. In an Extended Text interaction, the candidate is given the equivalent of a blank sheet of paper on which to produce a response to the prompt in the question - for example to explain a particular process, or how he or she reached a certain conclusion, etc. In the example below, the candidate is asked to explain the process of a volcano erupting.

An Extended Text Interaction for EXPLAIN


The Text Entry interaction is a limited version of the Entended Text interaction. It also provides a (limited) blank sheet on which the candidate provides his or her response,  though this time it can be limited in length and characters (for example math symbols). In the example below, the candidate is asked to explain what makes an ape a primate, in one sentence.

A Text Entry Interaction for EXPLAIN

 Note: Another, less typical interaction which can be used for the task EXPLAIN is the File Upload interaction, which allows a candidate to upload work which has been completed previous to starting the test, such as a pre-written essay.