Thinking about the Task Type PRODUCE

Task sub-type: CREATE

In the section Sub-types of PRODUCE, the most typical interactions used for the sub-type CREATE were named as Extended Text and File Upload.

The Extended Text interaction is a text-based interaction for 'open response' test questions. It has already been mentioned in the section Task sub-type: EXPLAIN, as it is also used for this type of task. When used for the current  sub-type (CREATE), candidates are asked to create something - for example, a piece of creative writing. In the example below, candidates are asked to produce a piece of writing which describes the scene in the picture.

A typical Extended Text interaction for a CREATE task


​​The File Upload interaction serves as either a blank sheet of paper or a blank canvas. It allows a candidate to upload work which has been completed previous to starting the test, such as a pre-written piece of writing, or completed artwork, offering in this way the opportunity for the candidate to demonstrate his or her artistic abilities.

A typical File Upload Interaction for a CREATE task