Looking at the Task Type IDENTIFY

Task sub-type: CHOOSE

In the last section, the two most typical interactions used for the task sub-type CHOOSE were named as Choice and Hotspot.

The Choice interaction is generally used for the common “multiple choice” question of standardized tests. In a Choice interaction, the candidate is given a prompt (a question) and presented with a set of choices from which to select one or more answers. The example given below is repeated from Part 1 of the course. In this question, candidates are asked to identify from a list which countries do not share a common border with Luxembourg.  

A typical Choice interaction


The Hotspot interaction is also used as a type of multiple choice question, but in a Hotspot interaction the choices are presented on an image. In the example below, candidates are asked to identify from a number of sites which is the location of the Palace of Versailles.


A typical Hotspot interaction

Note: Other interactions which involve the task of CHOOSE are: Inline Choice (where the candidate is presented with a number of choices in the context of a block of text) and Hottext (where the choices - normally true/false - presented to the candidate are embedded in the context of a text). Because both of these types of choices are presented within a text, they are included in the task type COMPLETE and are described in the relevant section; within this model, however, interactions are not exclusively assigned to one task type, and these two interactions can be used for both these tasks.