Summary and configuration of scoring methods
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  3. Summary and configuration of scoring methods


In this course we've explored the different ways of scoring tests which have been delivered in TAO. 

We've discussed the two steps in the scoring process: 

  • scoring individual items (or questions)
  • tallying item scores to produce a test score

For each of these steps, we've looked at the scoring methods available when creating your test items and assembling them into tests. 

In Chapter Two we considered both the automatic and manual scoring possibilities for items. We've looked at the choices you will need to make when configuring automatic scoring for your test items, and also talked about the manual scoring package available - TAO Grader - if you have open-ended questions in your test items and need to engage a human scorer for these.

In Chapter Three we examined the possible ways of tallying your item scores to produce an overall score for your test and generate test results.  

In this final chapter, we've had a brief look at how to configure these methods in TAO, and provided links to the corresponding sections of the User Guide, which give full information on how to implement your chosen scoring method.