Structure of Part 3

The third part will examine the terminology connected with scoring assessments in TAO.

In the next chapter, the problematic terms in scoring are examined and a lesson is dedicated to one of the less obvious terms. For each problematic term, we'll try to explain the rationale behind it, and how it is used. 

The third chapter incorporates those terms into the actual processes which take place in TAO when a test-taker sits a test. Here, we will return to the assessment scenario we used in the first two parts of the course. To remind you:

George Stone is a geography teacher. His aim is to test his class on their knowledge of capital cities around the world, using a test containing ten short questions, whose construction and delivery we followed in Part 2. In Part 3, the finished test of one of his students, Melanie Potts, will be marked.

The final chapter summarizes the insights gained in this part of the course, and concludes the course as a whole.