Delivering Your Test (Delivery) to Test-Takers
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Setting constraints for the execution of your delivery

You have the option to define certain constraints on the delivery you have created before it is delivered to test-takers. To do this, open the delivery, and the properties screen will come up.

Delivery properties


As shown on the image above, you can define start and finish dates, for example. You can also define details such as how many times it can be delivered, if you want to allow guest access (rather than just named test-takers), if some form of proctor authentication is required (this option only appears if the relevant type of proctoring is enabled in your TAO instance). 

Note: these property settings are optional. If defined, they set limits to the possibilities for how the delivery is executed. In other words, if one aspect is not defined, that aspect of the delivery execution is not limited – so, for example, if you leave the fields for start and finish dates blank, the delivery can be executed at any time.

See the chapter on Creating a Delivery in the User Guide for more information.

You will see on the image above that there is also a space to define who is to take the assessment in the Assigned to box. This will be covered in the next chapter.