Configuring Interactions

Randomizing the Order of Choices

Everyone knows that sometimes students try to cheat by looking over the shoulder at other students’ answers. To try to discourage this, the order of the choices can be randomized so that not every student sees them in the same order. To shuffle the choices, you can tick the box for Shuffle choices in the panel on the right, and then they’ll appear in a different order each time.


Shuffle Choices

In some circumstances, you might have an interaction where one of the choices is "None of the above". If you do, you would want to exclude it when you shuffle the choices as you will always want that choice to come at the end. When you select Shuffle choices, you’ll see that a box appears opposite each choice which contains a pair of intertwined arrows on the left. Just click on the arrows and a pin will appear, telling you that you have pinned that answer in that position, so that when the order of choices is randomized, that one isn’t included.