Generating scores for a test

Possibilities for scoring tests

After all the items in a test have been scored (and, in the case of manual scoring, sent back to TAO), a score for the whole test, and the corresponding results, can be generated. 

Note: One possibility is to opt for no further processing (which is the default setting). In this case, the results table for that test will contain only the scores for the individual test items, and no test score. Use this option if you do not need aggregated test scores, or want to carry out further processing outside of TAO.

There are several options open to you when generating test results, some of which can be combined:

  • Simple tallying of item scores
  • Tallying of item scores, but giving more marks for certain items
  • Generating a pass/fail grade
  • Defining your own rules

The following lessons examine each of these in more detail.