Part 2: Defining your workflow

In Part 1 of this course on working with multiple users in small-scale authoring scenarios we talked about how to organize your team and their work in TAO, using Gwen and her team of authors as a working example. We mentioned various components of the work which Gwen needs her team to carry out, but we haven't put them into the context of a complete workflow yet.

Part 2 of this course is about the workflow in an authoring scenario in TAO, from creating your items to assembling tests and test-running them, as well as all the steps in between. The workflow is shown on a flowchart in the next lesson.

The two main stages of the workflow – item creation and test creation - are described in Chapters 2 and 3. Chapter 3 also includes information on how to test-run your test - this can be carried out in three different ways, creating slight variations in the workflow.

Finally, it is good practice to make backups of your work on a regular basis, be it creating items or assembling tests, to protect it (against system crashes, for example). How to do this is described in Chapter 4.