Interpreting Results

Overview of the test results ('Test Variables' table)

Just to remind you, the information in the Test Variables table relates to the test as a whole (as well as to any subsections it contains).

In the image below, the Test Variables table from Abigail's results above has been reproduced:

The list of values on the left (starting with SCORE_TOTAL) all tell you something about Abigail's test results. What these are depends on how the test has been configured, so they won't always be the same. (In order to elaborate here on what could potentially be included, this set of results contains a lot of information).

Next to each of these values there are four columns. The most important of these is the first one, and this is the one we will concentrate on. This column contains, for example, the scores achieved by the test-taker. 

You may well not need any of the information in the other three columns, but here's a little bit about them just so that you're aware of what they contain: the middle two columns contain a) whether one or more responses were permitted, and b) what kind of data the responses contain. The last column gives the date and time at which the results were generated.

Note: You can ignore the number (in our example, '14') in brackets after 'Test Variables' –  this just shows how many values there are in this table. 

The easiest way to understand what the values in this table are about is to look at them in groups, according to the information they contain. The next section will tell you about these four groups.