Scoring test questions

Manual scoring

TAO works in conjunction with a manual scoring environment called TAO Grader. Using this platform, items in tests that have been delivered on the TAO platform can be manually scored, making it possible to score open-ended questions. 

An example of a test item containing an open-ended question is the following, which asks test-takers to describe a place:

A question which needs manual scoring


The manual scoring platform is fully integrated in the TAO platform: when the test-taker has finished a test, the responses to items which have been identified as needing manual scoring are sent to TAO Grader, where scoring can begin immediately. Once all the scores have been submitted by the manual scorers for the responses of a particular test session (i.e. a delivery execution), they are returned to TAO for further processing.

See the chapter Scoring items manually in the User Guide for more information on manual scoring.

Note: TAO Grader provides an environment in which to manage databases of scorers, assign them to score the tests (or parts of tests) delivered in TAO which require manual scoring, and monitor their progress. For more information see the TAO Grader section of the User Guide. It is only available to Premium/Ignite users.