Interpreting Results

Lay-out of results tables

Here's a sample Results Table, for a test-taker called Abigail Winter, who was sitting a test called the 'SDG Quiz'. Don't worry about the contents yet – let's just consider the layout for a moment.

The test-taker's profile - Abigail Winter's - comes at the top, in the box on the left.

Below this, there are two blocks of information, which form the main body of a set of test results in TAO: 

  • Information on the test results (in the Test Variables Table)
  • Statistics about the items in the test  

TheTest Variables Table relates to the test as a whole (including any existing subsections), and the Item Statistics provide information on the individual items in it. (The image above shows just the first two items of the test, which are calledSDG Definition and SDG Agenda and Goals.)

In the next section, we'll have a closer look at the content of each section of the results table, and find out how Abigail got on.