Setting up Users with Relevant Roles

Item authors

Now we know that Ian Archer and Iris Adams will be amongst the group preparing the test questions (in TAO: creating items), and so they need to be given the role Item Author.

The image below shows Gwen adding Ian Archer as a user (using the "people" icon on the top right of her screen).

Global Manager adding a user


The job of item authors is to create and author test items. In this role, they can move, copy and delete items, as well as import and export them. They can also classify their items by defining the metadata labels. Item authors are automatically also assigned the role of Items Manager. In this capacity, they can manage the Item library (creating new folders, importing, exporting and deleting folders).

Item authors also have automatic access to the Media Manager (in some versions of TAO this is called the Assets Manager), if the appropriate extension has been installed (TAO extension: taoMediaManager). The Media Manager is where resources which can be used as supporting materials in items (such as images, videos and audios) are stored and managed. If this extension is installed, item authors can access the Media/Assets library, and can create or remove folders, as well as import and export folders to/from it.

Note: The Item library is also known as the Item Bank, and these terms are used interchangeably in this course.