The Processing Part of Scoring Assessments


In this chapter we'll incorporate the terms introduced in the last chapter into the actual processes which take place when a test-taker sits a test.

As discussed in the lesson Processing above, the journey from the test-taker’s responses for individual items to the results of the assessment is a three-step process. In order to stick with words that are perhaps more transparent than the technical terms used in TAO, the description of this process is divided into two parts: Processing of Items and Processing of Tests. These are covered separately in the following lessons.

Processing of Items includes Response Submission and Response Processing, as described in the lessons with the corresponding names in the last chapter.

Processing of Tests includes Outcome Processing, as described in the lesson with the corresponding name in the last chapter. 

We will now take up our example again - Melanie’s sitting George Stone’s geography test - in order to demonstrate the processes involved.