Creating Test Materials for RTL languages
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Interactions available in RTL mode

Once the RTL mode has been configured, as shown in the last lesson, item authors of items in a RTL language can choose from many different interaction types available in RTL mode for the creation of test items in TAO. These are:

  • Associate interactions
  • Audio (PCI) interactions
  • Choice interactions
  • End Attempt (Inline) interactions
  • Extended Text interactions
  • File Upload interactions
  • Gap Match interactions
  • Graphic Associate interactions
  • Graphic Gap Match interactions
  • Graphic Hotspot interactions
  • Graphic Order interactions
  • Hot Text interactions
  • Likert  (PCI) interactions
  • Liquid  (PCI) interactions
  • Match interactions
  • Math Entry (PCI) interactions
  • Media interactions
  • Order interactions
  • Select Point interactions
  • Slider interactions
The next lesson shows what an item containing a Choice interaction authored in RTL mode looks like.