Creating a Test Item with Interactions

Inserting interactions into an item

First, Ian creates an item. See the chapter Creating a test item in the User Guide for more information on how to do this.

As his item is to be based on a series of multiple choice questions, he next adds a Choice interaction to the item body. Then he enters the text for the prompt and the choices, as shown in the image below. The prompt would normally be a question, and the choices would be a list of possible responses to that question. In a geography assessment, for example, the prompt might be ‘What is the capital city of Angola?’, and the choices would be a list of cities. In our example, however, we will put information about the scoring method in place of what might be a typical multiple choice question, to make the process more transparent. You can ignore this content for now: we will refer back to it later.  

A sample Choice interaction


Note: You will see that the word ‘variable’ is used in the image. What this means will be discussed later.