Using Your Assets

How to Use Your Assets in Assessments

Any type of supported media asset stored in your Asset Manager can easily be added when creating test questions in TAO.

To use an asset as support material for a test item, first, choose your interaction type by dragging it from the interactions menu on the left onto the new item you’ve created (See Creating a test item in the User Guide for more information on how to do this). 

You’ll then see in the toolbar above the item a series of icons representing different things that you can add to the item.

Click on the image icon or the media (video, audio) icon to see the resources available of that type in the Asset library.

Clicking on the shared file icon will show you the passages (in some versions of TAO a passage is called a shared stimulus) which are available. From there, you can choose an asset from the Asset library (or upload one), as shown in the image below.

Adding an asset to an item

See Adding assets to an Item in the User Guide for more information on how to do this.

When you use an asset in an item you create a reference to it, rather than actually inserting it into the item: the physical location of the asset is in the Asset Manager rather than in your item. This means that there is only one version of it (the one in the Asset Manager), so if it is updated, for example, all items that reference that particular resource will automatically also be updated.