Getting Results

How Do I View Test Results?

The Results of an assessment are collected for each delivery, and can be viewed under the Results icon.

After the assessment is over, you will want to see how your test-takers did.

Follow the steps below to view the results of a Test:

First, click on the Results icon in the Assessment Builder Bar. On the left-hand side of your screen, you will see the library of existing results deliveries.

This will show the last Results Table that you, or the user before you, opened.

Next, click on the desired delivery in the library. This will bring up the test results table associated with that delivery.

Click on the View button on the right to view the results for any test-taker in the list.

Note: For information on how to interpret the results, see the section on Viewing Results in the User Guide.

viewing results in TAO

For more information on the contents of results tables, see the training course Interpreting results tables in TAO.