Getting Things Set Up

How Do I Manage Users and Their Roles?

Your TAO system comes ready with one administrator account set up for you.

Before using TAO, you will need to create accounts for different types of users. These are set up in the User Management area of your TAO system. The users you will need - which range from test authors and test center administrators to test-takers - depend on what you want to do with TAO. 

Follow the steps below to set up a new user account and define the role of the new user:

  1. Create a new user.

To do this, hover over the Users icon    on the right-hand side of the Assessment Builder Bar.

Next, click on the Add a user tab. This tab allows new user accounts to be created on your TAO system.

  1. Fill in the user's details.

The fields for the user's details are in the panel which appears on the canvas.

  1. Decide what role the user should have.

You'll see a list of possible user roles below the details you have just added, opposite Roles. Many of the names are self-explanatory, but if necessary you can refer to the section on Main Roles in the User Guide for a comprehensive description of all the main roles in TAO. Which role you choose for a user will determine what that user can do in TAO and which areas of TAO they have access to.

The most important roles are:

Administrative Roles

Global Manager: This role allows full access to TAO. This account is provided to clients; the global manager can create others from there.

Authoring Roles

Item Author & Test Author: These roles allow the authoring and management of items, tests, and assets (resources that are used in an item, such as media).

Roles for Conducting Assessments

Test Center Administrator: This role can manage proctors (create, remove, authorize) and can also proctor a delivery.

Proctor & Proctor Administrator: These roles allow the instant proctoring of deliveries associated with a test center

Reviewer Role: This role is for reviewing test results. It grants access to the Results panel only.

Test-taking Roles

Test-taker: This role allows a test-taker to take a test. 

Note: Test-takers must be created directly in the Test-taker tab!

See the section on User Management in the User Guide for more information on setting up accounts and assigning roles and permissions to users.

Note: You can edit the profile (including the role) of an existing user if you need to.  Hover over the 'Users' icon as above, then click on 'Manage users'. A list of users will appear, along with their roles. Click on 'Edit' next to the user whose role you wish to change. The profile of that user will appear, and can be edited here: the existing role can be changed, or a new role added, and users' access rights to specific areas of TAO can be granted.