Getting Things Set Up

How Do I Manage Test-Takers?

Test-takers are individuals who will take assessments assembled in TAO. These are typically registered students in a given class or test-takers working to obtain their professional credentials or licenses.

There are different ways of getting test-takers into your TAO system. They can either be entered individually or alternatively, test-taker metadata files can be taken from any computer and imported onto any other computer which also has access to TAO. You will need to organize them into groups (which are likely to reflect the classes taught) so that they can take assessments. 

Follow the steps below to add new test-takers:

  1. Create a new test-taker profile.

To do this, click on the Test-takers icon in the Assessment Builder Bar. This will take you to the Test-takers page, with the Test-taker Library on the left.

The last test-taker profile to be edited (either by you or a previous user) will be highlighted in the library.

Next, click on the New test-taker icon in the button bank under the library to create a new test-taker profile.

In the canvas that appears, enter the personal details of the new test-taker, giving them a login and a password. If you want to enter more information about your test-takers than just their names and email addresses (such as age, campus, etc) you can add more properties to each folder (or class) of test-takers. To do this, click on Manage Schema, and from there you can add new properties which will count for the whole class.

Note: For more information on adding individual test-takers, see the section Creating Test-takers in the User Guide.

Follow the steps below to import test-takers from elsewhere:

  1. Choose a location for the imported test-takers.

To do this, click on test-takers on the assessment builder bar. This will take you to the test-taker library, which you will see on the left.

Next, click on the Test-taker class (folder) in the library in which you wish to import the new test-taker profile.

  1. Import the test-taker data.

Click on Import in the button bank below the library.

Select the format of the incoming test-taker metadata on the canvas that appears. The supported formats are RDF or CSV. See the section on Importing Test-takers in the User Guide for an example of test-taker data in a CSV file.

Next, click the blue Browse button to find the file intended for import (alternatively, the file may be dragged and dropped into the box below the button), then click on the blue Import button.

This will import the test-takers' profiles into the test-taker library, after which they can take tests.

The training course All you need to know about Test-takers gives more detailed information on test-takers, including how to add additional information to a test-taker’s profile. 

Follow the steps below to organize test-takers in groups:

  1. Choose a group for each of your test-takers.

After you've registered (or imported) your test-takers in TAO, open the profile of each one. You will see a box to the right of the test-taker's profile entitled Add to group.

Check the relevant group, or groups, for each test-taker. You can also do this at the same time as registering them in TAO. See the section on Groups in the User Guide for more information.

Note: if you are delivering your tests via a test center you won't need to organize your test-takers into groups.