Delivering Tests

How do I Integrate TAO Into My LMS Using LTI?

Because TAO is LTI-compliant, TAO-designed tests can be delivered to students through an LMS, such as the Moodle platform.

Through the Learning Tool Interaction (LTI) standard set forth by IMS Global Learning Consortium, LTI users of applications such as Moodle can make use of TAO-designed tests and deliver them to students through an LTI platform, such as the Moodle platform.

An interface between TAO and Moodle needs to be set up, which allows test authors to take advantage of the ease of using TAO, whilst also allowing test administrators to deliver tests through the popular Moodle platform with which they are familiar.

First, make sure your system is officially LTI 1.1 certified by checking the IMS Certified Product Directory. You can either search by supplier/product or by refining the filters to include only LTI 1.1 certified products.

Follow the steps below to set up a TAO-Moodle delivery as an LTI Administrator:

  1. Create an LTI consumer in TAO.

To do this, you will need to log in using your TAO administrator account.

  1. Ensure Moodle is correctly configured.

Go to Site Administration in the Moodle platform. Under Advanced Features, open the pull-down menu for Plugins. Pull down Activity modules and then go to Manage activities.

Next, open Settings within External Tools and click on Add external tool configuration. Add an appropriate name to the new configuration and then enter the consumer key and shared secret that you used in TAO.

Follow the steps below to execute a TAO delivery in Moodle as an LTI Teacher:

  1. Choose and copy the delivery you would like to run in Moodle.

To do this, click on the Deliveries icon in the Assessment Builder Bar. This will take you to the Deliveries page.

Next, select the appropriate delivery. The canvas which appears in the middle of the screen contains a box with a Launch URL. Copy and paste the URL from this box into your LTI-compatible tool consumer.

Note: See the section on Using LTI for Assessments in the User Guide for a more elaborate example.