Getting Things Set Up

How Do I Import Assessment Content Into the System?

If both computers have access to TAO, tests, and items (the building blocks tests are made of) can be imported from one computer to another, using an operation called 'Import.'

Before importing content into TAO it's a good idea to structure your Items and Tests libraries so that you can import the content straight to the place you will want to keep it. Clicking on Items (or Tests) on the Assessment Builder Bar will take you to the corresponding library, which you will see on the left. You can create the classes (folders) you need to suit your content here.

Follow the steps below to import an item or a test:

  1. Choose a location for the imported items or tests.

Click on Items (or Tests) on the Assessment Builder Bar to go to the Item (or Test) Library. 

Next, click on the item or test class (folder) in the library in which you wish to import the new item/test.

  1. Import your item or test.

Click on Import in the button bank below the library. This opens a dialog box that asks you to select the format of the item or test to be imported, as shown in the image below.

Note: For more information on which formats are accepted, see the section on User Management in the User Guide.

Next, click the blue Browse button to find the file intended for import (alternatively, the file may be dragged and dropped into the box below the button). Once the item or test is selected, click on the blue Import button. Your imported files will appear in your chosen location in the appropriate library.

Note: If the content you've imported contains assets (media files), these will be imported as part of the package, but they can't be reused in other items. To use the assets in other items you would need to import them separately into the Asset Manager. See the section on Managing Assets for more information.

Imported items can now be added to tests, or modified. Imported tests can now be used in Deliveries. See the section on Delivering Tests for more information.