How to Organize Your Test-Takers

Group Assignment in TAO

How test-takers are made eligible for specific assessments – and who carries this out - depends on how you are delivering your tests. There are two possibilities: you can either deliver tests internally (within your institution), or you can have them delivered by a test center. 

If you are delivering your tests via a test center, you do not need to organize your test-takers into groups – the test center will do this. It is enough, therefore, to simply register them in TAO: the test center will do the rest. See the chapter Delivering tests via test centers in the User Guide for more information.

Note: Test centers are an integral part of the Ignite/Premium version of TAO, so if you are using this version, the remainder of this section is not applicable to you.

If you are delivering your tests internally, your institution will need to organize the test-takers into groups. A TAO group can then be made eligible to sit a particular assessment. 

Note: Test-takers are typically added to more than one group, as most will be sitting assessments in various subjects.

To understand what this means in practice, let’s assume the following example. George is a geography teacher at a high school in the US. He wants to deliver an end-of-term test on seismic activity to a group of ninth-grade students. Not all ninth-grade students are taking geography, however, and those who have chosen to take it come from four different classes: 9A, 9B, 9C, and 9D.  

In order to deliver his assessment, therefore, George first needs to set up a group in TAO, and name it something like “Grade 9 Geography”. Next, he needs to add the relevant test-takers to it, so that, when he has finished, it contains all and only the geography students from classes 9A, 9B, 9C, and 9D. See the section on Groups in the User Guide for more information on how to set up groups.

George can then make the group “Grade 9 Geography” eligible to take the assessment he has prepared on seismic activity. See the chapter Delivering tests internally in the User Guide for information on how to do this.