Configuring Interactions

Giving test-takers marks for partially correct answers

According to the default scoring system in TAO, test-takers are required to answer the complete question correctly before they get any marks. So in the case of our Choice interaction, they need to name all the countries on the list which don't neighbor Luxembourg (and none that do) in order to get a mark.   

If you think a test-taker should get a mark for getting part of the answer right, you can change the way the scoring works. Go into the Response mode again (at the top of the interaction) and in the panel on the right you can choose map response in the Response processing box. When you do this, small text fields for the score appear on the right in your interaction, opposite each possible choice. You can put in the score you’d like to award for getting that particular choice right. These would often be the same for all choices, but they don’t have to be. In our example, where two choices - Austria and Denmark - are correct, if you put 1 in each of these score boxes, the test-taker will now get a mark for each of those they tick, with a maximum of two for the whole interaction.  



Map response