Generating scores for a test

Generating a PASS or FAIL

You may want to define a minimum score which the test-taker needs to achieve in order to pass the test. In other words, if the test-taker gets this score or above, they will pass. If not, they will fail. This is set as a ratio of the total score, so if the test-taker needs to get half the questions right (or half the marks available), then this is defined as: 0.5.

Following the example used before, if you set the pass mark as 20, and the test-taker got 24 points out of a possible 40, they will be awarded a PASS. This is shown as:

PASS_ALL: true

If you have different categories in your test (you might have sections on Theory, or Critical Thinking, for example), you can also set a pass mark for each category. Let's say, for example, that the marks were divided equally over the two categories, and you define the pass mark as 10 for each category.

If the test-taker got 15/20 in Theory and 9/20 in Critical Thinking, this will appear in the results table as follows:



Note: Details on how to configure this option are given in the chapter 'Summary and configuration of scoring methods' below.