Looking at the Task Type IDENTIFY

Differentiating between the interactions available for task PINPOINT

The following question is addressed in this section: if you want to construct a test question which presents your candidates with a PINPOINT task, how do you decide between the interactions available?   

When comparing the two interactions Select Point and Slider in terms of the two differentiators discussed in Part 1 - Guidance and Language - they appear to be very similar on both counts: for both Select Point interactions and Slider interactions, candidates are asked to specify a point on a continuum, which necessarily implies that little guidance is given (in contrast to a Choice interaction, for example, where there are often just four options to choose from). In addition, neither the Select Point nor the Slider interactions are language-based interactions, so the amount of language used will also be of a similar level for both interaction types. 

Type of Information

The main difference between these two main interactions for PINPOINT is the type of information which the candidate is being asked to provide as a response. Select Point interactions ask candidates to identify a point on an image, and are thus generally pictorial in nature. This image could be a map on which candidates are asked to pinpoint a certain location (as in the Iceland example shown in the previous section), or it could be any other kind of image on which the candidate is asked to pinpoint a certain part, such as identifying a person in a line-up. In Slider interactions, however, the candidates are asked for numerical information, such as a percentage (as in the travel example, where a percentage of the journey is required as a response). This is reached by making a calculation, the result of which is indicated on the scale provided (the slider).

To sum up, the type of information required from the candidate will most likely be the most important indicator - the deciding factor - in your choice between the two interactions available for PINPOINT tasks.