Methods of Executing a Delivery (Delivering a Test)
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Delivering tests via LTI

TAO can be connected to an LTI consumer for the purpose of running tests. In this scenario, it is possible for test authors to take advantage of the ease of using TAO to create their test items and assemble their tests while using, for example, the Moodle platform to deliver them in their LMS.

If you are using the Ignite edition of TAO, you will need LTI 1.1 to deliver a test using an LTI. Go to the Deliveries library and select the delivery you need, then click on the LTI button, which is below the library, as shown in the image below. 


Delivering tests via LTIs


You will need to copy the URL in Launch URL to the LMS - in other words to the Learning Management System which you are using (for example Moodle).

Note: If you’re using the Enterprise edition of TAO and have published your delivery using the taoDeliveryConnect extension, you can use either LTI 1.1 or LTI 1.3 to deliver the test on your LMS. You will need to use the remote delivery identifier, as given in the Published Delivery Id field (/api/v1/auth/launch-lti-1p3/{id}), and the generic launch URL provided in TAO Deliveries.

See the chapter Using LTIs for assessments in the User Guide for more detailed information on how to do this.