Scoring test questions

Deciding not to award partial credit

If the scoring method is configured to award NO partial credit (which, as mentioned above, is the default method applied to test items in TAO), this means there are only two possibilities: either the response is wholly correct, or it is not. 

In this case, even if part of the response is correct, the whole response is marked as incorrect, and no marks are awarded to the test-taker for this question.

In the example question below, test-takers are asked to say which countries in the list (Belgium, Germany, Austria and Denmark) have no common border with Luxembourg. There are two correct responses: Austria and Denmark. The test-taker, however, chose only one of these.   


Awarding no partial credit


The black bar at the bottom shows the responses chosen by the test-taker, and the scores given. MAXSCORE shows that there was only one mark available in this question, and SCORE shows that the test-taker scored zero. In other words, although they got one of the two correct responses, no partial credit has been awarded for it.

Note: Details on how to configure this option are given in the chapter 'Summary and configuration of scoring methods' below.