Course Overview

The training courses presented on this platform are often constructed in response to customers asking for clarification, or simply a more detailed description, of a particular aspect of TAO.

This course is intended to cover one such question: what is the best way of using TAO when working with multiple users in a small-scale authoring scenario?

In this course, a frequently occurring scenario will be presented, and ideas will be proposed for best practices when organizing users and their work within this particular scenario. These are not intended as guidelines for using TAO, but rather as recommendations for possible ways of working in TAO.

For the purposes of the course we'll presume the following scenario: Gwen Morris manages a team of twelve people in a small organization whose job it is to construct test materials for use in assessments. Most people on the team will be preparing the test questions which are to be used in the tests. These questions will then need to be assembled into tests, which will be used as assessments by a national exam board.

The course is divided into two parts:

Part 1 gives an introduction to best practices when setting up your environment to work with multiple users in a small-scale authoring scenario. Part 2 will demonstrate a possible workflow for this scenario.