Terms Relating to the TAO Architecture


Within each of the libraries where he is going to store the components of his assessments, George can create classes in order to group together things which have something in common.   

The TAO Glossary defines a Class as "A group of related Items, Tests, etc. Folders in the Library represent Classes".

Class is a technical term whose meaning makes complete sense in the context in which it is used - to depict a group of related objects - but because Classes can be confused with groups of students when used in educational circles, they are also often referred to as Folders (though the word folder is not as precise, as the objects a folder contains are not necessarily related). The use of the word Folder is also reinforced by its use as a part of the Windows architecture. In TAO, they are used synonymously. So, the thing to remember is that, when used, the word class refers to topic classifications rather than to the groups of students taking assessments.