Registering Test-Takers

Best Practice for Registering Users

It is good practice to register team members with their proper names, so that they are easily identifiable. 

Also, we at OAT have found that if one person is to carry out multiple tasks in TAO it works best to register that person as multiple users (instead of as one user with different roles), if these tasks involve 'contradictory' roles. The login for each of the users can then be tagged with something that reflects the particular task which that person is going to carry out in that role (for example colleague-one-ta (one of the colleagues when working as a test author) and colleague-one-tt (the same person when working as a test-taker).

Note: Contradictory roles are roles which are not considered to share the same objectives in TAO. An example would be test author and test-taker. By contrast, complementary roles are those which have the same basic goal, such as item author and test author.

It's also a good idea to use a password generator. Finally, if your team members are located in different countries, remember to use characters that are on all keyboards.

Note: users can change their passwords if they want to.