Introduction to Stylesheets in Assessment Items
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Audience and Context

This article is intended for an audience that has at least some experience with HTML and CSS code.

The visual appearance of an assessment item usually depends on stylesheets provided by the platform. The TAO item editor contains a style editor to overwrite some of the default styles. For more advanced operations, it is possible to add custom stylesheets directly in the style editor. You can also export an item, work on the code, and re-import it afterwards.

The Theme Toolkit is used by OAT’s development team and is available to the general public under the terms of the GPL2. You will need advanced knowledge of HTML, CSS, and SASS to benefit from the toolkit. 

Note that OAT does not offer any support for its usage! For more information please refer to the toolkit's Wiki.

Whichever way you create your CSS, don't be tempted to edit tao-user-styles.css. This file is generated by the item authoring tool; all your work will be overwritten on regeneration.