Terms Relating to Creating Assessments


George wants to include some images in his test items – a picture of the relevant continent in each item. These are called Assets in TAO. The TAO Glossary defines Asset as "A resource which serves as supporting material in test items, such as a picture or audio file, or a passage (shared stimulus)".

An asset is anything which can be used as additional content to the interactions in test items. This includes images, audio and video and (text) passages (see the next lesson for an explanation of the term passage). Assets are all stored is in the Asset Manager. In some versions of TAO, assets are known as media (and the Asset Manager is known as the Media Manager).

The meaning of the term asset isn't immediately obvious, and a more intuitive name to an end user might be resource. The term resource, however, is used to cover all resources stored in the TAO environment for use in tests – including already created items.

In George's test item about the capital of Myanmar, the asset he will need to add is the image of Asia. The image below shows the picture file he has uploaded to the Asset library. 

A sample Asset