An example scenario

We will assume the following scenario: an item author, Ian Archer, has prepared a test item which contains several multiple choice interactions. He wants the item to be scored in two ways. Firstly, he wants the overall score to be calculated. This can be done with existing TAO scoring rules by configuring the item to give the total score for that item in the test results (you will see later how to do this). Secondly, he wants to be able to see in the test results the score for each individual interaction within his items.

There are three basic steps which Ian will have to carry out in order to create the item he needs, along with the scoring rules which fulfil his requirements:

  1. Create a test item with interactions 
  2. Create the scoring variables for each interaction
  3. Link each interaction to its own variable and set the values needed

The following three chapters describe each of these steps in detail.