Creating Test Materials for RTL languages
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An example of a RTL item

The example shown in this lesson is an item in Arabic, in which the test-taker will be asked for the capital of Saudi Arabia.

In the example item, the author has opted for a multiple choice question. After dragging the Choice interaction onto the canvas (see Creating a test item and Adding interactions in the User Guide for information on how to create items and insert interactions in them), the interaction will appear in RTL mode, as in the image below. In other words, both the box for the prompt and the multiple choice options start on the right.

Authoring a RTL item


The finished item, which gives three cities as options for the test-taker to choose the capital of Saudi Arabia from, would be as follows:

A finished RTL item


Note: Your computer will need to be configured to write Arabic (or the RTL language of your choice) before you can author items in that language.