Generating Deliveries from Tests

Additional ways to publish a delivery

There are also two other options which are less common. If you’re using the Enterprise version of TAO and have installed the extension taoDeliverConnect, you can publish deliveries remotely. If your TAO instance supports remote publishing (you will need with the extension taoPublishing), you can still publish your delivery remotely, but you will need to create the delivery locally first.

You can also publish an LTI-based delivery. In this case, you need to choose an LTI provider, and give the TAO launch URL for that delivery execution. To use this option, the delivery must already exist on the LTI provider’s TAO instance. Here, TAO acts similarly to an LMS: it doesn’t actually own the delivery - only the link to it. When you click the Publish button, the delivery will be visible on your Deliveries page, and you can assign test-takers to it in the normal way. When a test-taker starts the test, TAO will automatically execute the delivery using the LTI request. You will need to install the extension taoLtiConsumer to use this option.

In these cases, when you create a delivery, instead of the classic screen shown in the last lesson, you will see a screen which gives you all three options. In the first image below the option for remote publishing has been selected. 

Publishing deliveries remotely


In the image below, the option for an LTI-based delivery has been selected.

Publishing LTI-based deliveries


Note: The taoDeliverConnect extension is available only on Enterprise editions of TAO at the moment.