Relating Test Questions to Task Types

A Task-based Model

There are several possible ways in which to view (and potentially categorize) the tasks you might want to construct test questions for in TAO. The following suggestion, which divides them into four distinct types, is a simplified but hopefully useful one.

In this part of the course, the four task types in the model will first be presented, and then some other factors you may need to consider when constructing test questions (and choosing interactions for them). Parts 2-5 of the course will each be dedicated to a discussion of the ways of  implementing one of those four task types using the QTI interactions available in TAO. 

Note: There is a small group of QTI interactions which are not in themselves test questions, but whose sole purpose is to record assessment activities and help ensure a test can be completed, such as EndAttempt. These will be excluded from the discussion.


The Task Types

The model envisages the following activity types: IDENTIFY, CONNECT, COMPLETE and PRODUCE. Each one presents the test candidate with a different type of task. They are described in the following chapters.